Economy in Lendava

Lendava municipality has a rich economic tradition. A key role in its development plays the geographical position between Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, which has a positive influence on international trade. The economy in Lendava consists of industry, tourism, services, agriculture and viticulture. In recent years many small and medium-sized enterprises have developed in municipality of Lendava. Well-developed economy in the town as a whole also has a positive effect on investors who wish to invest in Lendava.

Respectable newspaper The Financial Times has placed Lendava, together with its region Pomurje, in the top 10 European cities and regions of the Future 2014/15 for attracting foreign business investors. The recognition among the competition of 468 European cities and regions is of a great importance to Lendava. 

Some of the biggest enterprises in Lendava:

Development and investment opportunities:

  • Industrial activities in Lendava's industrial zone: logistic centre, industry and craft, new working place opportunities
  • Agronomy: natural resources for agriculture, horticulutre, viticulture
  • Services: natural resources for tourist and health facilities, geothermal wealth


Adress: Občina Lendava, Glavna ulica 20, 9220 Lendava
Phone: +386 2 577 25 10


Adress: Glavna ulica 20, 9220 Lendava

Telephone: + 386 2 577 25 00
Fax: + 386 2 577 25 09
VAT number: SI 27705935
Registration number: 5874645
Bank account: 01259-0100012919