mag. Anton Balažek,

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Mr. Anton Balažek was born on 6th of February 1958 in Lendava. He graduated in 1978 at Lendava's Technical school and afterwards worked in Primat Maribor, the factory of metal equipment. In 1982 he graduated in Zagreb's Faculty of economics. Upon graduation he has worked in Primat Maribor in finance analytics department and marketing for 8 years.

In the period of 1991–1994 he worked in a construction company SGP Gradbenik Lendava as a chief of sale engineering. In 1994 he became a managing director of Development centre Lendava and started his master's degree studies at Faculty of economics in Ljubljana, where he was awarded a MSc in Economics in 1998. Untill 2002 Anton Balažek worked as a managing director at the Regional Development Agency Mura in Murska Sobota and as an adviser at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

Mr. Anton Balažek was elected as a mayor for the first time in 2002, and then re-elected three more times. He managed to bring about the cultural centre and the highway connection with central Slovenia, carried out investment activities, economic development, cross-border integration and ensured public finance stability.

In 2014 Mr. Balažek was elected as the mayor for the 4th time; his goal is to achieve economic stability, to attract foreign investors and to carry on with the infrastructural reforms.


Adress: Glavna ulica 20, 9220 Lendava

Telephone: + 386 2 577 25 00
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VAT number: SI 27705935
Registration number: 5874645
Bank account: 01259-0100012919